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High-Wire Act: N.Y. Linemen String Cable for Daredevil’s Walk Over Niagara Falls


When it comes to installing and maintaining high-energy power lines, Dan Hill is a seasoned vet. But while the Syracuse, N.Y., Local 1249 journeyman lineman’s handiwork typically helps channel power to homes and businesses in the central and western parts of the state, his newest gig significantly raises the “wow” factor of risky line work.

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Top 5 reasons to buy a bucket truck from I-80 Equipment

Bucket Truck

Buy your Bucket Truck from I-80 Equipment

Bucket Trucks, Digger Derricks, & More – I-80 Equipment.

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Study: Grid bottlenecks cost users $1.1 billion | The Poughkeepsie Journal

Power Grid

A Central Hudson lineman climbs a lattice tower on transmission line E in Stanford. / Poughkeepsie Journal file photo

Study: Grid bottlenecks cost users $1.1 billion | The Poughkeepsie Journal .

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Digger Derrick Safety


Use the intermediate boom extension and rotation controls to position the digger directly over the hole location.

A moderate steady down force on the digger using the boom control will produce the most efficient digging.

Be careful not to use excessive down force as this may cause the auger to corkscrew into the ground. If this occurs stop digging and use the clean function to release the auger.

Use the boom controls to follow the auger into the ground. This is expecially true if the auger is positioned at a side angle to the boom.

Maintain alignment of the hole and the auger shaft. Failure to do so can bend the auger or auger extension shaft. If the auger or auger shaft bends, stop digging immediately. A bent auger or shaft must be straightened or replaced immediately.


Warning: All personnel must be clear of the area before stowing or unstowing the auger. A free swinging auger can cause death or serious injury.

Return the auger extension shaft to its original position if it has been lengthened.

Fully retract the intermediate boom.

Make sure the digger speed switch is in the low position.

Rotate the boom to a position that will allow the boom and auger to clear all obstacles when the digger is stowed.

Attach the auger windup rope/cable to the auger following the manufacturer’s instruction.

Meter the dig control to the correct position, following your manufacturer’s operating instructions until the auger slowly winds up into the stowed position. Refer to your manufacturer’s manual for proper operation of the auger latch.

Warning: Failure to meter the auger control could result in rapid windup of the digger and shock loading when it enters the auger stow bracket. Component failure due to shock loading could cause a free swinging auger, which may cause death or serious injury.

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Digger Derrick World is a recently launched companion website of I-80 Equipment.  Designed to specifically highlight our Digger Derrick Inventory.  Please feel free to check back often, and be sure to check out Digger Derrick World! 


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Digger Derrick in Action.

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